Can’t create job with API because PAYMENT_DECLINED

When we are creating a job in a sandbox we got error Payment Declined. And we have checked all the test cards but it is not working. We searched in your developer community Forum and we didn’t find the solution. In your developer community we have checked it can be solved only from the stuart.

Here is the error

    "error": "PAYMENT_DECLINED",
    "message": "The payment was declined"

Hi Farhan,

Thanks for contacting us.

I’ve made changes to your sandbox account, removing the need for a credit card. Could you attempt to create a job and inform me if it’s successful?

Additionally, your engagement with our community forum is highly valued, and I regret any confusion it may have caused. It seems we have a small problem in our Sandbox related to the use of test credit cards. We’ll look into this matter, as our goal is for the developers to conduct tests without the need to contact us for assistance.

Best regards,