Error 422 when creating a job

Hi there,

When creating a job via your API, we get this error : 422 - CREDIT_CARD_NOT_FOUND - Insufficient funds for client. Please provide a Credit Card.

The thing is we are paying via transfer, that’s why we do not have a credit card on our account.

Is there a way to avoid that ?


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Hello @alexbr,

This error is due to a missing billing configuration on your account. You can set it up following the API documentation here.

If you are testing in sandbox, you can use a test credit card that you can for example find here.

In production, you should fill your real billing information.


Hey Harold,

Thanks for your answer. Actually I don’t want to add a credit card to my account, we are paying via bank transfer.

To give you more details, we are using your API for a while now, and we are able to create jobs even though we did not add a credit card.

But we are currently testing a new way to create jobs via Urbantz (our logistics and delivery tool) with the same account/API credentials, but we get this error.

So I’m guessing there is a way to avoid that.

Thanks in advance for your help,


Hello @alexbr,

I understand!
Could you send me the email address used for your account by private message so that I can check the configuration please ?

Thanks in advance,