Credit_card_not_found error

On the live environment, using the API, I get this error :
Message:“Insufficient funds for client. Please provide a Credit Card”

I did setup a credit card. I even used it in the dashboard.
I tried others credit cards with the same result.
What can I do ?

Hello Charles,

Can you double check that you are using the correct environment through our API Docs.
Additionally, we recommend you to follow Starting my Integration to get set up.

Hello Charles,

Thank you for meeting with us today to do some end to end testing before going live in production.

We were able to confirm that the error code "CREDIT_CARD_NOT_FOUND’ means that no credit card was set up, the confusion was that a different account was being used for the jobs you were creating through the API and this account has no card details added.

Hello, I have the same error although I did all the correct setup and check double time if the api credencial where the correct ones.
I still receive the same error CREDIT_CARD_NOT_FOUND. I have 2 credit cards (from stripe testing cards number) setup on the sandbox account, and this is working fine when i want to create the job from the platform but not from my php application.

Hello @ceci,

For visibility on this thread, I have also responded in CREDIT_CARD_NOT_FOUND error on sandbox.

In addition to the comments in that linked post, feel free to provide the exact test card details so that we can confirm their validity. Perhaps you could also try some different test details in case of a different result: Testing | Stripe Documentation