CREDIT_CARD_NOT_FOUND error on sandbox

Hello, I receive the 422 error CREDIT_CARD_NOT_FOUND when i’m testing my app locally.
I have 2 credit cards (from stripe testing cards number) setup on the sandbox account, and this is working fine when i want to create the job in the platform but not in my php application.

I added the credit card after requesting the API credencial, could it be the reason why it doesn’t work? I wanted to reset the API credencial and ask new ones but its not possible from the platform.


Hello @ceci,

Adding the Credit Card details after requesting the credentials shouldn’t have any impact, and indeed we don’t currently offer the option to rotate API credentials although we have noted the request. If you want to be sure, you could also create a new Stuart account to test the theory.

May I request more details as to how you are creating the job when you mention “in the platform”, and on the side of the PHP application, are you using our PHP Client Library?