Delivery `cancelled`, Job `successful`?

Hi, we’ve had a strange case today; These 2 deliveries are part of one job:

SAN_G73402 _Blackstone Group (UK)_FZwivVdZK => 4193732
SAN_G73375 _First Reserve (UK)_lgAK0cY5Ex => 4193733

However one of them failed (delivery status: cancelled), and one of them was delivered successfully. The unsuccessful one failed just prior to arriving at dropoff from what I can see in our logs – which is the first thing that I cannot fathom – and secondly, after it failed we received a job status update which says the job has finished (Successfully), no mention of the failed delivery. How can a job finish without one of the deliveries being finished?

We use these job updates to update both deliveries in our system, so they were both marked as Successful in the end although one of them actually failed (we do have a log of that, it just gets overlooked by the later Job Success update).

Can you please explain this behaviour and whether we should expect more of these edge-cases?

Hi @slavo,

In this case your job contained 2 deliveries. We send you webhooks for Job updates but also for Delivery updates.
I confirm you that if one delivery in a multi-delivery job is cancelled for any reason, the job itself is still active and will continue with the other deliveries. Once all delivery ended (status: delivered or cancelled) the Job will be finished.

So in your case the second and last delivery was cancelled. That’s why the job finished just after, it not necessary means finished “Successfully”. You must rely on the delivery statuses to know which ones were delivered or cancelled.

To know the reason why the delivery failed just prior to arriving at dropoff, I let @Shaheen, our UK account manager, come back to you in PM as it is more operational than technical.