Courier Duplicated request on orders from Flip Dish

Hi everyone!

We are experiencing issues with Stuart every time we get an order from FlipDish. Each time we receive an order via Flip Dish, two identical requests for a driver are raised for the same order. This means that we need to cancel one right away (and on time) from Stuart dashboard otherwise two couriers would show up for the same order. Extremely annoying.

Any help with resolving this?

Hello Claus,

We have experienced that in the past as the credentials were plugged twice.

Could you please send me on a private message your Stuart account (5-6 numbers) so we can take a look?


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Hello Marta, thank you so much for your speedy reply. Our Stuart ID is 522788. Let me know your thoughts, we are struggling so much!

(it would not let me send you a private message)

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Hello Claus,

I see the problem. You have two integrations: with Flipdish and with Otter (the aggregator).

I let the commercial teams know and manage to desactivate one account asap.

Thanks for reaching to us.

I will keep you posted.


Hello Marta,

Thank you so much for the update. Initially, when we set up, we did not have such issue. Not too sure what having two integrations means here but I hope the change makes sure we are integrated with Otter as far as editing menu and order notifications are concerned but at the same time we re connected to Stuart to request one single courier. Again, this was the case before with no issues.

Looking forward to your update when you get one.

Our Account Managers are contacting the Otter PoC for this account.

I will update you as soon as they do.

We will review the process to avoid those kinds of issues in the future.

Sorry for the inconvenience.