Change addres after Job is created


I have been reading the documentation and I would like to know if the job address could be updated once created.

The web service to update jobs does not include the “address” field under “pickup”. There is a “comment” field, Would it be possible to change the address indicating it in this “comment” field?

If not, How could we update the address by the API? Without having to go to the dashboard chat.

Thanks and best regards,
Agustín M. Etcheverry.

Hi @gusvitoche and thanks for your question.

It is unfortunately not possible to change either the pickup nor any dropoff addresses when a job is created.
To better understand, in which case do you want to change the address of a job that is already created exactly? Why would you need to do that?

Hi Paul,

We are implementing a support center of a food delivery company. If the app’s user put and incorrect address (unintentionally or by mistake), we need to change the delivery address.

Actually, we are making it with the chat in the dashboard but we want to automate this process.

Hi @gusvitoche,

That make sense, unfortunately, we don’t currently have a way to modify the job address after creation. You’d need to cancel the original job and create a new one.