Job Creation Small Change Coming

After a recent discovery we are making a small change to our job creation request on the 28th of February.

According to the API documentation it has always been mandatory when creating a job to provide one of the following as contact information: (firstname and lastname) or (company). That mandatory check will begin to be enforced from the below date.

After the 28th of February any job creation will be rejected if the contact information for pickup or dropoff does not contain either (firstname AND lastname) OR (company).

This change should not effect you, but it is worth checking if you are currently validating this contact information correctly. Please ensure for job.pickups[0].contact and job.dropoffs[0].contact that you are providing a minimum of (firstname and lastname) or (company).

For all jobs, please ensure that you are providing at least:

   OR job.pickups[0]
OR job.dropoffs[0]

Not verifying these conditions will give you the following error at job creation for pickup (similar error for dropoff):

  "message": "Provide either first_name and last_name or company"

If you have any questions or concerns, please comment and we will be happy to help :smile:

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Hello @Lauren

the information below the sentence β€œβ€¦ you are providing at least:” and the 3rd paragraph are NOT aligned. Looks like a copy paste error at the end of the message to me.
Which one is correct ? I assume that it’s (firstname AND lastname) OR (company) since it makes more sense to me than (firstname AND company) OR (company)

can you confirm ?

Hello @tgo,
Yes you are absolutely correct, it was an error on my part!
Thank you for pointing it out, I hope it is now clear.