Call is not working in the tracking URL

Once a delivery is created in the stuart using the api.
We are opening the tracking url in mobile using WebView. When we click the call button in the web view it redirects to an error page. When we debugged we found that the driver phone number is null.

Hello @Roshanth,

Thank you for your message, a couple of questions to help us investigate this issue:

  • Could you confirm if this happens to all of the jobs you create with Stuart, or only some?

  • Could you confirm what stage the job is in when you experience this issue (such as delivery status ‘pending’), or whether you notice this issue throughout the life of the job?

  • Could you send me the details of any job examples by direct message to dig into?

  1. This happens for all jobs.
  2. Once the driver is assigned, we get a tracking URL from the webhook. So we open that URL in a webview.
    The delivery status: pending
  3. Currently I don’t have any jobs which are active.

The below was the tracking url

We clicked the call icon

Then we got this screen

This was the tracking url

Thank you @Roshanth for sharing these details.

We will investigate the issue internally and come back to you.

Hello @Roshanth,

After investigation, we didn’t find the bug with the call button of the tracking link to be a reproducible issue on our side.

It seems that the tool you’re using, WebView, may be the cause of the redirection problem.
Perhaps you could check for a user-agent setting for WebView which for mobile should be something like Mobi/android/.

We hope this helps, and we’d be happy to hear if you find a resolution to this issue.