Control/Reduce Stuart error responses

When I create a job, I sometimes get the following error: {“error”:“UNKNOWN”,“message”:“Error calculating route”}. Can I know where this error comes from? Can’t seem to find it in your API’s documentation.

Also, in the job creation, is there any chance to pass the contact phone thorugh the comments instead of the pickups/dropouts phone parameter in contact? Will the person who is making the delivery be able to see it in the comment? This is because the contact phone validation is too strict and many times the job can’t be created becuase of this issue.

Thank you in advance,


Hello @Jordi,

The error ‘Error Calculating Route’ relates to a bug we are aware of that is caused in a failure when trying to find a route using Google Directions API. We have been looking into this issue and are deploying a fix today which we hope to alleviate the problem. After today if you are still receiving these errors please let us know.

If you put the contact phone number in the comments field then the driver will be able to see this information (as opposed to the number being anonymised in the contact phone field), therefore we do not recommend putting phone numbers in the comments field. You can find more information on validating phone numbers in this related topic. Hopefully this will help to prevent validation errors.

Hello @Lauren,
Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll let you know if we have any more errors like this.

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