Stuart expected response to Webhooks request


Didn’t found this information in API docs or here: does it matter what kind of response and response code my application returns on Webhooks request?
For example, can I return “200 OK” if everything went well and “500 Server error” if my application failed to process payload?

Thank you

Hello Victor,

We expect to receive the “200 OK” response, anything else will be considered a fail on our side.

Thanks, Lauren.

So what is the behavior of your system in case of 4XX of 5XX error?

Hi @Viktor,

In the case of an error our system will log the webhooks request as a fail and retry five times.

So no matter what will be the error 4XX or 5xx, system will retry? Is there any pre-defined delay between tries?

That is correct and there is no pre-defined delay.

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