Simulating a driver change (cancel and reassign)

Hi there

We seem to have a problem detecting a change in drivers in our webhooks.

This happens when a driver cancels the delivery, and is replaced with a new driver.

If possible, can we have a sample set of hook payloads that replicate this same exact situation so we can look deeper into the problem?


Hi @jekku,

A similar issue has been reported to us recently and our Platform Team is currently implementing improvements to ensure that a webhook update is sent when a driver cancels a delivery. For such an update you can expect to see a ‘cancellation.reasonKey’ related to the reassignment as seen here in our API docs.

As modifications to this process are underway we would be happy to share more detail as to the expected webhook flow once this update has been tested and deployed. We will be sure link further information on the topic here once this work is completed.


Hi @jekku,

Please find more detail in the post Recognising a Driver Unassigned event through webhooks