║█║▌║█║▌│║▌║▌█║ - Scanning feature

Couriers are able to scan a code (barcode or QR code) at pickup and drop-off places to improve the delivery experience for your customers.

Here is a short animation to take a peek at how it looks:

How to use it?

You only need to:

  1. Provide the code information for each package you are expecting the courier to scan in the dropoffs.access_codes[] object of the Create a job request.
  2. Ensure the courier should scan the code rather than display it by defining the type prefixed with ‘scan_’. So the access_codes.type should be either:
  • scan_qr_text
  • scan_barcode_128
  1. Stick the corresponding QR code / barcode directly on the package with at least the four digits of the code readable in case of scanner not working (see below).

Possible issues and solutions

In real life we should also be prepared for any situation that might arise which make the delivery deviate from the ideal use case showcase in the above video.

Scanner not working

The scanner is strongly dependant on the courier’s camera hardware or mobile software. In that case we allow the courier to switch the scanner view to text input and ask them to enter the code manually. We only ask for the last 4 characters of the code. We believe that 4 characters is enough to validate the code while keeping the manual process simple and fast.


On your side it means that these last 4 characters should ideally be clearly visible on your labels near the codes.

Label issues

Labels can get damaged to the point of being unreadable to both the scanner and the human eye or just fall off before or during the delivery. For these situation we allow the courier to report these issues and continue working. To keep track of these situations we are saving these skipping events.

To further discuss this feature and how it can fit into your service, feel free to reach out to your Account Manager or the Customer Solutions Engineering team. You are also more than welcome to post your questions directly in the Q&A section of this forum.

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