Proof Of Delivery

:bulb: How does it work?

At Stuart we offer proof of delivery for both your pickup and drop-off interactions with our courier and your end-customer.

Depending on your current settings, once a courier arrives at the pickup and/or drop-off location they will be tasked with obtaining the recipient’s signature and/or photo for proof of delivery.

Once this feature has been enabled, clients will be able to view the pictures inside their Dashboard, contacting Stuart’s customer support team or by using the Get a Job endpoint available via the Stuart API.

Please note, this can be activated for both your pickup and drop-off & also the signature and photo POD simultaneously

By default, our couriers will see the instructions “Take a photo of the package with door number visible and slightly open.” If you require specific instructions this can be customised.

Depending on your vertical (food, grocery, retail, etc) POD may be enabled by default. Please contact your account manager to double check.

Once enabled, this will be enforced on all future jobs.

GDPR - All of our couriers are instructed and trained to not included customer’s faces in the photo. Signature and picture proof of delivery urls will become invalid after 48 hours.

:magic_wand: What’s the impact?

  • Enabling proof of delivery allows for your customer support team to quickly resolve customer disputes and provides the ability for you to confirm the delivery was successful and the package is in a good condition.

  • Using the Get a Job or Get Jobs endpoint you can retrieve both the signature and photo POD URL via the Stuart API for a even faster resolution.

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