Documentation on Proof of Delivery (POD)?

Can you please point me to documentation about the optional Proof of Delivery (POD) setting, referenced in the recent announcement (Get your Proof of Delivery (POD) by API)?

I searched both the API docs and this forum but was unable to find anything.


Hi @mirek,

As standard we can provide both signatures and photos as POD, which can be seen on the Stuart dashboard for each job.

Currently, using the Get a Job & Get Jobs endpoints will provide a URL for your signature POD but not for the photo POD, once this feature is released both PODs will be available via the Stuart API .

In order for you to receive a photo and/or signature for POD this will need to be discussed with the CSE team or an account manager.

Please let me know if you would like to explore this option further and we can discuss enabling photo proof of delivery for future jobs.

Also, thank you for mentioning a gap in the documentation regarding proof delivery, I will make sure this is readily available soon.

Many thanks,

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Thanks @Daniel! Let me know once the docs are available, in the interim I’ll forward this info to our product team.

Hi @mirek,

I hope you are doing well?

Please see my latest post on Proof Of Delivery.

If there is an increased interest from your product team, please ask them to get in contact to the CSE team along with your Stuart ID number so we can look into your account.

Many thanks,