Sandbox orders not being delivered


Since last Friday, it seems that there are no courier bots available in the sandbox environment. All my orders remain scheduled, and any ASAP orders cannot find a courier.

Some details:

  • I’m creating jobs in Barcelona, but I also tried London without result.
  • My testing scenario is set to “Happy Path”.
  • An example of a job not being delivered is 100340723

Thanks for having a look,


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Good morning,

Thank you for reaching to us.

We are investigating it and testing. We will get back to you shortly.

Kind regards.

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We are still reviewing the issue.

However, we noticed that, with a package_type “small” , orders get assigned easier.

Small orders are the ones that can fit in a big biker backpack. Check out the package type mappings.

We remain available.

Thanks Marta,

I’ve been trying the small packages, but so far nothing has been picked up yet.



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Thank you.

Could you please share the examples of test packages in Barcelona or London?

You can also share the 6 digits Stuart Account ID here or by a private message so we can have a deeper look.


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Hello Marta,

This is an example of a test package that was not picked up:
My account id is: 451979

Thanks for having a look,


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Thank you for your quick reply.

I see all orders, including the one you mention above, are for Valencia.

Could you please test in London until we fix the issue?


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It seems to work with a London address today.

I will wait until you resolve the issue, because to test my integration I need to use Spanish addresses.

Thank you,


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Hello @btrfs,

Following internal investigation and subsequent testing, assignment seems to be working well in Sandbox again for Spanish zones such as Valencia.

Could you try again and let us know if you experience further issues?

Hi Lauren,

Things seem to be working well now. Thanks for looking into it!


Thank you for the quick response, that’s great to hear!

Don’t hesitate to reach out with any other issues you experience in the future.