Production ETA too much

Hello. I am from Shipday a potential partner of you at UK. I have completed the integration with Stuart. Initially I was testing with sandbox environment and there I always got ETA more that 600 minutes. Now I have acquired production credentials and testing with Stuart production. But still I am getting ETA unreasonable for urgent orders. Can you help me out? Here is snapshot.

Hi @shammo,

Thank you for reaching out on the community forum.

I’d like to clarify that the ‘eta’ value in both ‘job eta to pickup’ and ‘job eta to drop off’ responses is expressed in seconds, not minutes.

Thanks to your observation, we’ve updated our documentation to clearly state that these values are in seconds.

If you have more questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reply directly to this message.

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@Andres Thanks so much. That helps a lot.