ETA is too long at Sandbox environment!

Hello Stuart team. You are a great company! I have the following queries to be resolved with your help.
I am using Stuart sandbox environment to test our integration. When I call the “JOB ETA” API it shows more than 600 minutes. But, when the order is placed, it takes 20 minutes to start the order delivery process.
At our platform Shipday, we show the ETA to the customers. In that case it is quite confusing for them to have ETA > 600 minutes but the order starts within 20 minutes.
So, my question is:

  1. Is this inconsistency due to the sandbox environment ?
  2. Will this problem solve when we use the production environment?
  3. How the ETA is calculated ?(I have seen the explanation at other forum topics but did not get why ETA is more than 600 minutes in my case)

I would appreciate your help for getting meaningful ETA response. Thank you.

Hello @shammo,

Thank you for your kind words and your questions.

Indeed this consistent 600 response is due to the testing environment, we are discussing potential improvements to this behaviour internally based on similar feedback.

In Production the ETA would be based on the real state of the world, looking at the availability and positioning of our couriers alongside other factors to provide you with an estimate of the time it will take to get a courier to the pickup point.

Additional information about the pre-order ETA endpoint we are discussing can be found here in our Developer Portal.

Hopefully this provides more clarity on the situation, let us know if you have further questions.

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