✍ ETA Feedback Survey

Do you wish to make more use of our ETAs? Would you like to to have greater visibility on your ETA pre and post courier assignment? :thinking:

We want to know more!

One of the most important aspects of a delivery journey to an end-customer according to recent studies, show end-customer’s most valued and crucial decision point in choosing a service is having accurate delivery times.

This leads to greater customer satisfaction and trust with their chosen partner, resulting in continued engagement and contributes to your business’s success.

At Stuart, we aim to provide the best tools and features to our integrators & partners, such as yourself, to ensure a smooth experience for your end-customers and business alike.

To help us improve and provide the best support, please take 3 minutes to fill this short survey .

Your feedback helps us to determine what improvements are needed and prioritise what features to build to make your experience better.

Please also see our latest announcement on how to setup our new V3 webhooks

Thank you & we wish for your continued success! :raised_hands:

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