New Feature - Partner Data

:new: What’s new?

We’re excited to introduce a new object called “partner_data” that you can now include in the payload of your job creation request.

:bulb: How does it work?

When making a job creation request, you are now able to include the “partner_data” object, which contains the fields “integrator” and “marketplace”.

The “integrator” field is mandatory for this object and it’s meant to contain the name of the partner or integrator that processes the delivery request and sends it to Stuart or, in other words, your organisation name.

The “marketplace” field is optional so you can also include the name of the marketplace from which the order was placed.

Please note that we recommend using only lowercase and ASCII characters.

Here is an example of how this object looks like:

    "job": {
        "pickups": [
        "dropoffs": [
              ... ,
             "partner_data": {
                    "integrator": "integratorname",
                    "marketplace": "marketplacename"

For a more detailed explanation, including example payloads and responses, please refer to our API Documentation.

:sparkles: What’s the impact?

This object will help us to streamline and unify the way orders created by partners and integrators are tracked.

:date: When will this change take place?

You can start using this object right now. :rocket:.

:eyes: What’s next?

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