Meta data in webhook

Hello other than sending the client_reference when creating a job, is there any other way to send some data, that will be sent back with webhooks?


First, let’s clarify your need here. Is the goal to retrieve via the webhook payload extra details about the job specified at its creation?

If so, please mind that the client reference is indeed the only information that can be specified via the job creation endpoint and will be retrievable via the webhooks. This reference is crucial to map the webhook events to the specific package created. It is available via details.package.reference field and is present in all webhook events.

If you want to check out all available webhook payload fields, kindly refer to the following documentation.

This being said, could you let us know if you have a specific use case? We can share with you more recommendations to help you achieve it.


Hi Tasnim, thank you for your assistance.
So we have an integration where unique identifiers may clash between shops because they have their own database instance.

We overcome this by passing the URL of the shop e.g.,

Are we able to pass this info or are we able to pass in the reference field?

Thanks again


Thank you for clarifying the use case.

Formatting the client reference as suggested (“restaurant URL/id”) is an excellent workaround to address your needs.

FYI, the field client_reference has a string type. No further restrictions are applied regarding its value format except for the length. It shouldn’t exceed 191 characters and it should remain as human-readable as possible, as it is typically used by couriers during handovers.