Webhooks: package reference is which id?


I have created Stuart Orders with the API.
Now I want to make a webhook that returns to our system when a package is delivered.

The ‘Package delivered webhook’ returns a ‘package reference’.
This is not something that is in the return body of a StuartJob verbatim.

Would this be the delivery ID in a StuartJob?

Thank you to anyone helping.

Hello @sander.localtomorrow

In order to subscribe to the package_delivered event, we provide two options for that: in your dashboard settings page to enable it or create it by API.

Our Webhooks feature now offers the latest version, version 3. Please follow this link to learn more. There you can subscribe for various status events, including “package_delivered”.

The payload provides all the necessary information, including the “reference” which is sent in the client_reference field at the order creation.

Here find below one payload for reference with the package reference included:

    "version": "v3",
    "occurred_at": "2023-05-02T16:08:57.000+02:00",
    "event_id": "ab1f8bcc-7eb8-48e7-9ba6-5f0c720dd231",
    "webhook_id": 2515,
    "topic": "package_delivered",
    "details": {
        "account": {
            "id": 451871
        "package": {
            "reference": "1683036378",
            "tracking_url": "https://stuart.sandbox.followmy.delivery/100671414/ae7e5fa8cc57d5f535356c2bce481abf"


I was using the delivery => id, but have now changed it to the client_reference.

Thank you for the clear answer!