Job/Update v2 webhook: Visibility for Packages Traveling Together

:new: What’s new?

We’re happy to introduce an enhancement to the payload returned in the v2 webhook job/update. Specifically, we’ve expanded the information within the “data.deliveries” field to provide you with more details about your ongoing deliveries.

:bulb: How does it work?

The “deliveries” field in the payload now includes a more comprehensive list. In addition to the deliverie(s) created during the Create job call, it also includes any deliveries that have been later grouped with them.


"deliveries": [
  // Initial package
    "id": 100259470,
    "clientReference": "12345"
  // Additional packages grouped with the initial one
    "id": 100259471,
    "clientReference": "465768798"
    "id": 100259472,
    "clientReference": "78910"

For a more detailed explanation, including example payloads, please refer to our API Documentation.

:sparkles: What’s the impact?

This modification provides enhanced visibility into packages that travel together. For instance, this information could help in preparing for handovers by knowing which packages will be grouped.

:date: When will this change take place?

  • Paris: February 8th, 2024

  • Remaining French zones: February 12th, 2024

  • Remaining countries: February 19th, 2024

:eyes: What’s next?

We’re planning to add similar information to the v3 webhooks.

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