Detail on cancellation reason keys

In our api documentation we detail the different cancellation.reasonKeys you may receive when tracking your order through our delivery update event webhooks. This page also groups which cancellation.reasonKeys relate to the various use cases; cancellations, driver reassignments, returns, and manual stacking.

To keep our API documentation more concise, we wanted to provide separately additional details on what each of these reasons mean:

cancellation.reasonKey Description
address_error The driver was unable to find the address due to an issue with the address, or, the address provided is deemed to be otherwise not the correct address
package_damaged Either the package was received as damaged by the courier or the package was damaged on route
customer_cancellation_requested The customer requested that the order be cancelled, whether by Support chat conversation or other means. When we refer to a “customer” in this context, it could be either the client or the end customer
wrong_transport_type The transport type or package size assigned to the order was too big or too small and requires amendment
end-customer_unreachable After attempting to contact the customer several times the driver is unable to reach the end customer
end-customer_refused_package The driver was able to contact/meet the customer, but for whatever reason the customer refuses to receive the package
pu_closed The pickup location has already closed by the time the driver reached it
no_supply If Stuart cannot supply any drivers for the job and has to cancel the delivery as a result
technical_issue A technical issue has prevented the order from being delivered successfully
duplicate_package The order was created more than once or the package was not at the pickup location for any other reason outside of Stuart’s visibility
courier_issue Driver issues such as accidents or breakdowns impacted the order
incorrect_package The store gave the wrong package to the driver
job_expired No driver was found to fulfil the order in the appropriate time
other Issues which don’t fit into any other reason
cold_chain Cold chain packages are those that have a specific time window in which they must be delivered, such as frozen food. If the cold chain time window is exceeded the order may be cancelled or returned
end-customer_underaged The package contains age-restricted items and the end customer is underaged when ID’d
manually_stacked Support have manually bundled this delivery with another
reassigned_to_better_courier The current courier won’t be able to fulfil the delivery, we will look for another driver to take the job
wrong_weight The job was created with a package size that doesn’t accurately reflect the package and so Stuart support have changed the size or split the package
wrong_package_size The package size provided was incorrect and a request (from the client or Stuart support) to cancel the job has been created.
wrong_package_type The job was created with a package size that doesn’t accurately reflect the package and so Stuart support have changed the size or split the package
package_not_ready The package is not available or not yet ready. Therefore the driver cannot pick it up.
cash_or_equipment_return Either the driver went to deliver the order with a point of sale and has to return it, or the driver received cash from the end customer and must return it
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The API documentation links are stale (both (5) and (6))

Hi @mirek, Thank you for noticing this! The links have now been updated