New Cancellation Reasons

On the 22nd of November we will introduce some new cancellation reasons to our API. These are reasons used by our Customer Support teams for performing particular actions on your delivery.

New cancellation reasons:

  • Cold Chain - Previously solely a return reason, for any packages labeled with cold_chain that expire, our support will now be able to cancel using the cold_chain reason key.

  • End-customer underaged - Previously solely a return reason, for customers who are purchasing age restricted products and who failed to show valid forms of ID to prove their age, there will now be the end-customer_underaged reason key for our support to cancel with.

New driver reassignment reason:

  • Technical Issue - Previously solely a cancellation reason, our customer support will now be able to reassign a new driver using the technical_issue reason key.

Please also take a moment to look at our updated API documentation that reflects the update.

For any questions please comment down below!

We hope you enjoy the changes.