Name Street without number. ("error": "OUT_OF_RANGE",)

i have a name street without number, for example “ronda de la comunicacion”.

We have this address “Ronda de la comunicación 28050 Madrid” without number.
This street exist and in this street can to be without number.
how do wedoing this case? “S/N” “0”

“Ronda de la comunicación s/n 28050 Madrid” ?
“Ronda de la comunicación sn 28050 Madrid” ?
“Ronda de la comunicación 0 28050 Madrid” ?
To all have the same result.


“error”: “OUT_OF_RANGE”,

“message”: “This location is out of range”



Hey Carlos!

Your address seems ok even if not very accurate, but it’s our of our pickup coverage area, Stuart is not operating there yet!

Within the customer journey, you can either validate only the address or validate the totality of the Job before trigering the Job creation.

Additionally you can use this endpoint to verify our picking and delivering coverage areas.

I hope that helps you moving forward!
Kind regards