OUT_OF_RANGE error on parcel_shops endpoint


I was trying to request this end point: /v2/parcel_shops/around/schedule, like this:


And this is the response I was getting:

“error”: “OUT_OF_RANGE”,
“message”: “This location is out of range”

Can someone explain to me what I doing wrong ? (Or maybe Paris is out of range for Stuart?)

Hello François,

Thank you for your message.
So yes, that is because this specific endpoint is not publicly available, you would need to contact us in case you need it so we can set up your account. It should be written in the endpoint documentation as a warning.

Anyway you are in the right place, let’s continue in private message here to make sure this endpoint is what you are looking for and choose the correct parameters for your needs.

Hello Paul,

I’m working at Deliver.ee, we have already been using this endpoint in production for years now (so we might already have contacted you), I have to modify our lib because of the sandbox url change, and I need to pass our test suite. But now I get this error message for one of my test. I’ve tried your postman collection and your online documentation, same result. So why?

Did the endpoint was public before?