Keep getting "You're outside the pickup area" click "Got it" even when in a delivery area

I haven’t been able to make my first delivery yet. When I log into the app I get the following error even when I go to a buzzy commercial area with restaurants:

“You’re outside the pickup area” click “Got it”

After I click OK I keep getting: “We are searching for your GPS position.”

This is not possible to report this issue via your website interface:

Could you advise?

Here is the initial message I get when I try to log online with the app:

Unfortunately I opened the following request after this one and it was promptly closed with no action from the service desk:

I am still registered with London:

But my new address is:

Jean-Pierre Giner
103 Runcorn Road
B12 8QP

Hi @Catandroid,

This forum is for developers & integrators but I appreciate you have tried other channels without success.
I will send you a direct message with the best contact to help resolve your issue.

You may also be able to find the answer to your issue in our courier help centre.

I’ve now emailed following the link you provided How to contact Support | Stuart Help Center