Missing job accepted webhook


we have seen an issue on the sandbox where, after creating a job, we do not seem to received the job state change to “accepted”.
For job id: 118418, we got

10:16:50 -> status: scheduled
10:16:53 -> status: searching
10:16:59 -> status: in_progress

according to the documentation https://stuart.api-docs.io/v2/jobs/introduction we were expecting the accepted state in all cases.

do we miss something ? is there some other way to look at this ?

thanks for your help

Hi @tgo,

You can consider the status in_progress: “Driver has accepted the job and started the delivery” as the acceptance of the driver.

Ok, thanks for your help
but then are there other differences with the referenced schema here ?

No problem, this is indeed the only difference with the above schema.

I didn’t see this when I asked the question but happen to the cancellation rule. I understood that cancellation can be done up to 2 minutes after the accepted event. Does this mean that in this case we cannot cancel ?
Will this be the same in the production environment btw ?
thanks for your hep

The cancellation can be done up to the package being picked by the courier.
It can be done without any fee up to 2 minutes after the accepted event after that and before pickup it is still possible but there is a cancellation fee.
You can have a look at the FAQ: How does cancellation works? for more details.

but will we receive this accepted even in production environment. In the staging env, we never get it and always receive the in progress one which means pickup done no ?

I have read the doc, it’s just that I am worried about this accepted event.


Job in_progress means that Driver has accepted the job and started the delivery/deliveries. While the job status is in_progress you will receive the delivery statuses.
The delivery status delivering means that the pickup has been done and the driver is now going to the dropoff location.

In your case you can safely consider the delivery update event picking as it will always happen exactly at the same time as the accepted. In fact the driver begins the delivery and go to the pickup location as soon as he has accepted the job.