Job - pickup/delivery "comment" format

Hi all,

We would like to provide the driver with informations such as:

  • Appartment number or floor
  • What should be done on arrival (call the customer, buzz…)

How do you seperate those different items in the “comment” section?
Is it possible to add a carriage return? If so, how should I format the comment? With “\n”?

Thanks for your help

Hello @JeromeChauveau,

Extra spaces and line breaks are not formatted into the ‘comment’ in the driver app to restrict the size of this field. We recommend using a character such as the ‘|’ sign to divide different pieces of information in this field.

Thanks a lot.

Is there a length limit for the “comment” field sent via API call?


Hi @JeromeChauveau,

The “comment” field accepts a max of 65 535 chars (single-byte).

Thank you very much, Lauren. Cheers