Job - "access_codes" for dropoff

Hello guys,

There seems to be no “access_codes” section for “dropoffs”.
Should we put every instructions, including codes, in the “comment” section?

Thanks for your help


Hello @JeromeChauveau,

Indeed for dropoffs we do not have ‘access_codes’ available, for dropoffs you can put any instructions including codes in the ‘comment’ section.

Hi Lauren

Thanks for your reply.

Is it planned in a near future to add those for dropoff as well?

I do not see a reason why it would not fit both, and it would allow to have only one function that adresses both the formatting for pickup & dropoffs info sent to the driver.

Otherwise, one needs to check whether infos are for pick or drop, and apply a distinct function.


Hello Jerome,

We are currently working on migrating to a new architecture at Stuart. The ability to add access codes information for the dropoff as well as pickup is something that will be implemented along with our new architecture.

I agree this will make it easier to add access code information for both the pickup and dropoff.

Hi Lauren,

Looking forward to it. Thanks for your reply.