Flag orders containing restricted items

:new: What’s new?

You can now flag orders that contain age-restricted items using a new field in our API. Please note that this feature is currently only available for the UK. Using this field when operating outside of the UK will flag an error, hence we suggest if you operate in countries outside of the UK to use the original Challenge 25 format for those countries.

:bulb: How does it work?

When creating a job using our job creation endpoint, you are now able to use the delivery_options object that contains the restricted_items field to add in any items that require age verification.

An example of this field is shown below:

    "job": {
        "pickups": [
        "dropoffs": [
              ... ,
              "delivery_options": {
                  "restricted_items": ["ALCOHOL", "TOBACCO"]

Must contain one or more of:

:magic_wand: What’s the impact?

By using this field you will be able to specify the reason age-verification is required with increased granularity.

:date: When will this change take place?

Live now!

:rocket: What’s Next?

Currently this is only available for UK but this feature will be available for other countries in future!