Age Restricted Items


When booking a job, how should we notify the rider that the delivery contains age restricted items, and therefore to verify the customer’s age on delivery?

Also, what will happen to the package if the customer fails age verification?


Hello @gluis11,

Good question!

To notify us that your order contains age restricted items, please include the :underage: emojis in the ‘dropoffs[0].package_description’ field of the job creation request with some text inside, such as “:underage: Challenge 25 :underage:”. Additionally, when you’ve created your account in production, please inform our team of the account details so that we can ensure the account is set up accordingly.

If the customer fails age verification we would return the items back to the origin address, when the return is triggered you can expect to receive a ‘cancelled’ delivery status with the ‘cancellation.reason_key’:‘end-customer_underaged’. The order will then continue on to a ‘delivered’ status to signify the return to store. You can find more details on tracking returns and our cancellation reasons in our API documentation.

Thanks Lauren. I’ll have a look at sending those additional details in the package_description field.

There’s actually going to be lots of accounts in production: each pickup-location will be registering for their own accounts, and we’ll be booking pickup on their behalf using their API Credentials.

Will it be enough to automatically trigger an email to with the account’s Client ID (but from a different email address than the account is registered against), saying that the account needs to handle delivery of age restricted items? and will they reply to that email once the account is in a position to handle these types of orders?

Hi @gluis11,

In this case we think it’d be best to send that email as you describe to your Account Manager. We’ve informed the Account Manager for your account of your request and he will reach out by email shortly to confirm this process with you.