It is possible to detect when stuart closes a delivery zone and returns the error
I would need it to automatically close the sale of my restaurant.
If not, many times it happens that an order arrives and I cannot call a delivery person.

For example, in the app you send a notification when a zone is closed. Is there something similar to be able to use it with the api?


In order to know when the location is temporarily unavailable, we recommend you to use the ETA endpoint to know when to order a Stuart delivery or to know whether the zone is open.

We are actively working on better solutions for this so stay tuned!


Thanks, I will investigate.


Is there any better solution for this now?

It would be very convenient if this error was provided by the Scheduling Slots API, using the zone id. The ETA endpoint requires a specific address for dropoff/pickup, so we have to wait for an order to come in before we can detect that it cannot be delivered, and we cannot close the restaurant preventively unless we use dummy addresses.



Hello @btrfs,

Sorry for the late reply, we didn’t receive the alert.

The scheduling-slots endpoint is not plugged to the opening/closing service on our end.
We are working on a way to improve this behaviour, we will let you know!

In the meantime, the best way, is to check:

  • the general opening time of the zone (which does not change very often) with the scheduling-slots endpoint,
  • the availability of the service with the eta or validation endpoints at the earliest in the order.


Hi Harold,

Thanks for the answer. That’s exactly what we implemented.



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