Create deliveries via CSV file

You can create deliveries using a CSV file import in the Stuart Dashboard by going to “Settings”, in the “Import CSV” tab as seen below. In order to activate this feature, please contact your Account Manager.

File format requirements:

  • File type must be in CSV format with a maximum of 50 rows and a size of 1MB. The CSV file can be generated in any spreadsheet software (Excel, Numbers, Google Sheet).

  • :warning:The file must follow a specific structure as found in the template downloadable through the dashboard, see ‘download our template’ in the screenshot above. This includes the column and header names, and their order.

  • Columns with an asterisk ( * ) in the template are mandatory:

    • pickupAddress
    • pickupPostalCode
    • pickupCity
    • dropoffAddress
    • dropoffPostalcode
    • dropoffCity
    • transportType or packageSize (depending on your need)
    • date (format accepted dd/mm/yyyy)
    • time (format accepted hh:mm )
  • Email fields need to have a valid email address (

You can also check the format of the file directly in the dashboard page, or here.

Error handling:

  • If one row fails, the whole import is discarded. You then have to either remove the problematic row or correct it.
  • When there is a problem with a file, you will see the message when hovering over the ! sign.

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Is it possible to download information about completed deliveries to a CSV file?

Hello @Gautom,

We do not have any CSV export feature yet.
What kind of information would you want to export?

You can already export all your invoices for past rides thru the dashboard, by selecting the selected deliveries you will then receive an email containing invoices.


I would like to create a basic database (date, order ID, recipient name, address etc.) of past deliveries without needing to extract information from individual invoices if possible…?

Unfortunately this is not possible right now, but I raised the topic to our product team to be added to the roadmap.

In the meantime, you can contact your account manager if you have one, or get the data via api if you are able to do so.