‘client_reference’ to accept only string

:new: What’s new ?

The field client_reference (your internal reference, see example here) which could be either a string or an integer in the past will now accept only a string.

:magic_wand: What’s the impact ?

As detailed in our API documentation the field client_reference expects a string, note that we already return the client_reference as a string in the API responses.

In order to harmonize the use of the Stuart API for all our customers, we will reinforce the control of the field types transmitted in the API and no more requests with a client_reference in a format other than string will be accepted. Such requests will be considered bad requests and will return the following error:


   "error": "RECORD_INVALID",
   "message": "Unable to save record",
   "data": {
        "job.dropoffs.client_reference":  [ "must be a string" ]

:date: When will this change take place?

This reinforced field validation will be effective as of October 24th. In order to not be impacted by this change, please be sure to make the necessary adjustments before this date.