Area unavailable in sandbox

Are UK addresses down in sandbox? We’ve tried via api and we’ve gotten the “LOCATION_TEMPORARILY_UNAVAILABLE” error key. We’ve also got this error popup in the dashboard

This seems to happen prior to 7 AM UK time

Hello @matt,

A recent change in our backend means that zones are opened at 6am UTC leading to this error when jobs are created before this time. We realise that this is actually problematic and will deploy a fix on Monday to resolve the issue.

Apologies for the inconvenience,

Hello! Can I follow up whether this problem is fixed or not? Thanks!

Hello @matt,

The fix for this problem was deployed yes, please let us know if you notice any similar issues.


Hi @Lauren

It seems that similar issue exists for France - I cannot create a job via API, receiving “LOCATION_TEMPORARILY_UNAVAILABLE” error.
And in dashboard when creating job manually I see the same popup as Matt

Do you know what might be the issue?

Hello @Viktor,

I would point out the following announcement 🚨 Sandbox simulator problems detailing that no sandbox jobs will be able to complete at the moment.

In which zone are you receiving this message?

Hello @Lauren

This issue still seems to be persisting

A little more context. That time is currently 10:46 GMT+8. Which should be 3:46 GMT+0. Our office is active from 1:00AM GMT+0 to 12:30PM GMT+0. We do most of our testing during these times. However we noticed that this error pops up before 7AM GMT+0. Which is 3PM in our time. We lose half a day of testing on this.

Can we have an update regarding this issue since it has been a major blocker for our testing?

Hello Matt,

Thank you again for bringing this to our attention, we understand how this is hindering your progress. We will discuss this issue internally and I will update you on the outcome.

Hello @matt,

We would like to collect more information on this case, are you just trying through the dashboard or do you also receive an error through the API?

I can see in the screenshot you sent that you were creating an instant job, do you also get this error message when trying to schedule a job?

Hello @Lauren

We encounter this error with the API as well. We try to create a job via the dashboard just to confirm.

This is also the error when creating a scheduled job as confirmed by my team

This is the error we get back from the API:

%{"error" => "LOCATION_TEMPORARILY_UNAVAILABLE", "message" => "We cannot operate in this area at the moment, please try again later"}

Hello @matt,

I can confirm that it is expected behaviour on our side that instant or same day scheduled job requests will be met with this error message during the hours that the zone is closed. It is possible to create scheduled jobs for a day in the future as well as to get pricing and validate job parameters during zone closure.

This behaviour in our sandbox environment mimics that of our production environment. We understand that it might be useful to change this behaviour in the sandbox environment for testing purposes and we will continue to discuss this topic internally and let you know the outcome.

Hello! May I get an update regarding the outcome of the internal discussion? Will we be able to use the sandbox environment fexibly no matter the time?


Hello Matt,

We can confirm that it is in our roadmap to change the way that we currently handle job creation outside of zone opening hours to solve this problem. In the short term we are able to disable the current zone closure behaviour for a zone in Sandbox so that you are able to test no matter the time. We have disabled this behaviour for Brighton, hopefully this zone can be useful for you in testing your integration. We are open to suggestions if you’d prefer to test in other zones but we would prefer to only make this change in less popular zones as we prefer the sandbox environment to mimic our production environment.

On another note, would you mind if I remove a select few of the above posts to keep the thread as concise as possible for other integrators looking for answers to this question?