2 minutes of free delivery cancelation


Which event marks start of delivery when 2 minutes of free cancellation kicks in? Is it delivery status update to ‘picking’, job status update to ‘in_progress’ or any other?

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Hey Karol, thanks for your message!

As described here, fees apply when the Job has been accepted by a driver more than 2 minutes ago.

To identify the business event “driver assigned to your Job”, I suggest that you follow the delivery updated event as you plan on creating multi-drops jobs in the future. As soon as you identify the delivery status being “picking” then it means a driver has been assigned to your delivery and is going to pickup your package(s).

Here you can find some pseudo describing in which field you should get the info to perform the above :point_up:️:

if (webhook.event == "delivery" and webhook.type == "update" and webhook.data.status == "picking") then

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