Valid Credit Card for sandbox

In order to try the sandbox environment I need a valid credit card.

I use the testing cards which stuart propose but I can not find a valid credit card.

¿Can anyone help me?.

Best regards,

Hi @ramon,

You can use this list. The 4111111111111111 Visa one should work properly.
If you still encounter problem, just let me know and I will change your account to a “corporate” one that don’t need any credit card.


Thank you. This visa works perfectly.

Hey @Lauren, the UI wants me to put the other card info too (besides the card number) and won’t save the card without it. Where can I get it?

When I enter just some random values (e.g.11/22, 123, Tester), I get “Payment platform error”.

Hello Michal,

You should have success using card details such as `4111111111111111, 11/12, 123, tester’ .
You may find more useful information on adding a credit card in the getting started section of our API documentation. Please note you can use Visa or Mastercard but not American Express.

In the case that you are still getting errors, I can change your account to ‘corporate’ so that you don’t need to add credit card details. To do this please provide me with the email linked to your sandbox account, you can send this information to me privately by direct message?

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hola intento poner la tarjeta de credito pero me dice datos incorrectos

In the above link you can find a list of testing credit cards.

The one we usually recommend is this one:

  • card number: 4111 1111 1111 1111
  • Expire: any future date
  • CVV: 3 random digits (except 200, 201 or 300)

Here is a working example