Too many Webhooks

Hi, after creating a job, there are too many webhooks requests, they send requests every 0.2 seconds to our server.
is it possible to make it send requests less frequently, like more than 30 seconds between every webhook request.


Unfortunately for now, you cannot choose which webhook events to receive and which not. You will receive all the 5 different webhook events which can be a lot. You can have a look at the topic about Webhooks set up to filter only the one you are interested in.

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Has this issue been fixed?
In the meantime we’re going for polling, I guess.

Thank you.

Hi @Lavigo,

You may wish to opt for polling to reduce incoming noise if our advice to filter the webhooks being received isn’t sufficient for your set up. In this case it’s important to consider our rate limits.

Implementing improvements to our webhook service along the lines of subscription based webhooks is something that we expect to offer in the near future. We appreciate your questions and feedback as these make it clear for us the pain points of our integrators and the value that could be brought by such improvements. We will be sure to announce such improvements here when they’re available.


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