Size cannot be greater than 191

Hello I’m getting this error occasionally when i create job with non unique clientReference

job.dropoffs.client_reference = {array} [2]
0 = “must be unique”
1 = “size cannot be greater than 191”

I understand that clientReference must be unique, but can you please help me how “size cannot be greater than 191” is related here.
Client reference im sending is “testReference”.
Can you please check from your side, because it seems like I’m getting the size error no matter what if the clientReference is non unique.

Hello @AlexTakeaway,

The “size cannot be greater than 191” part of the error is essentially additional information in this case but the main issue causing you to receive the error is that you are providing a client reference which was already used for another active order on your account. If you ensure that the client reference is unique to any active order on your account then you shouldn’t receive either of these error messages.