Setting up webhook header and key


I have a query about setting up webhook-authentication-header and webhook-authentication-key in the sandbox environment.

As per the documentation header should start with X-
Can I append my own alpha numeric text after X- or it has to be in certain format?

Could you please provide examples for both webhook authentication header and webhook authentication key.


Hi Satyesh, hope all is well!

No problem - yes indeed, supplying your own text following X- is exactly it. I would stick to just a couple of words that fit whatever naming conventions your organisation has.

In terms of the key value: letters, numbers, dashes and spaces are all valid. I wouldn’t go outside of that character set as the HTTP specification has some restrictions.

Thus an example can become:
Authorisation header name: X-demo-header
Authorisation Key: M1X OF NUMBERS 234 AND - DASH - SPACES

Let me know if that’s clear


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