Sandbox Downtime

Sandbox Downtime Monday 8th July

An exciting new era is coming as we prepare to roll out a new architecture at Stuart!

To kickoff this exciting change we will migrate our Sandbox environment to this new architecture in the morning of July 8th. This change of architecture will be transparent for our integrators, the way that you interact with our API will not change.

So what does this mean for you?

There will be a period of downtime on our Sandbox environment on Monday 8th July from around 9am - 12am whilst the migration takes place. At this time any requests will be met with a 503 response. :no_entry:

After this time our Sandbox environment will be running under our new architecture in all zones except for Manchester in the UK and Lyon in France. :partying_face:

If you notice any issues in the Sandbox environment after the morning of July 8th, please let us know so that we can iron out any bugs as fast as possible. Please note that if any such issues hinder your testing, Manchester and Lyon shouldn’t be affected. :bug: