Can stuart sometimes be in maintenance ? (empty result after UTC+1 20h45 on 2020-12-17)


We are near the ending of our developpement, but in the evenning yesteday (2020-12-17). We were making a few tests around 20h45 (UTC+1) (20h45 in france).

And all of a sudent the stuart api did not send us any more available using the endpoint /v2/jobs/schedules.

We were asking the jobs/schedules for the city Paris in France in Sandbox mode.

Could that be because of some maintenance or other ?
Or because we are in test environnment ?

So I have a few questions:

  • Can stuart sometimes be in maintenance ?
  • And if so how can we detect that the site in in maintenance ?

Thanks in advance

Hi there!

If we do need to do some scheduled maintenance in Sandbox or Production, then you’ll see an announcement from us on this very forum detailing the planned outage window.

To the specific problem you saw yesterday, from what I see we didn’t log any requests to the jobs/schedules endpoint around that time - so it appears for whatever reason, the request did not reach Stuart. Though I can look into this further - can you let me know what email address your account is using? (if you would prefer to not state it on this forum, you can let us know privately through direct message)