Retry mechanisms

Here are our tips on retry mechanisms that you can put in place to increase the success rate of your order requests with Stuart:

Authentication Errors
To avoid verification errors, be sure to first follow the advice in When should I renew my oAuth2 access token? Note that our client libraries handle authentication for you!

Secondly, ensure to have a mechanism in place to automatically request a new authentication token if you receive an “unauthorised” error from Stuart. Having an expired authentication token without a process to swiftly correct it can induce an outage that can frustrate several customers within a matter of minutes.

Validation Errors
For retrying requests that failed due to a validation error, such as bad phone number format, missing contact details and so on, we’d advice that you have some kind of process set up which allows your support teams to manually alter and retry sending the request. This could be achieved by raising orders that have failed manually on our dashboard:

500 Server Errors
If you are receiving a server error response from Stuart, we would advice to retry up to 3 times with an increased amount of delay in between each request. If this isn’t enough to get your request through then it’s likely that the Stuart platform is experiencing difficulties, if so our Support teams will send out communications by email to let you know.