React Native integration

Hello there !

I would like to integrate the stuart service to an application developed with react native but I can’t find any information about it. Is it possible? And if so, do you have any advice to get started ? Should I use the Javascript library or it is no longer maintened (last commits two months ago) ? Thank you !

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Hello @Dassman :wave:

Thanks for reaching out! It should be possible to integrate our API with any application or language, our API is openly documented and as you mention we have some client libraries already available (and we are also open to contributions of new or existing libs too). To integrate with react native you could simply do raw queries to our API with the HTTP client that you already have set up.

Our Javascript library is up to date and actively maintained, but if you do notice any issues or features missing when using it feel free to reach out and we can make any needed changes.

We also welcome you to provide any general feedback about our client libraries, either before or after integrating with one, in our dedicated feedback form to help us continually improve.

Ok, thank you for your answer. And why is a credit card required for testing in sandbox ? Can we experiment without it ? Thank you

Hi @Dassman ,

We require the credit card details in Sandbox in order to mimic the Production experience, however, these details can be fake. You can find details on this set up in our api docs where there is also a link to example test credit card details.

Hi again,

After facing several issues, I finally managed to connect my app with the API (first just for testing). The JS library is great but i cannot make it work outside of web browser (android and ios). The packages use in the library, request and oauth are not compatible with react native, so I have to adapt it with fetch and it seems to work. It woulkd be great if you could upgrade the library with fetch (it seems that request is no longer maintened). This would allow a better compatibility through the different media. Thanks !

Hi @Dassman,

Thank you for the feedback! We’ll investigate and see what improvements we can make to the library based on your comments. We’ll update here with any updates.

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