Poland Best Address Practices

In this post we detail geocoding best practices and retry methods specific to Poland. Please be sure to also check out our general address best practices which apply to Stuart jobs of any market.

Unlike some countries such as the UK, Polish postcodes are not entirely unique. For instance:

LEŚNA 7, Złotoria, 87-162, Poland and LEŚNA 7A, Lubicz Dolny, 87-162, Poland share the same postcode but are in fact in two very different parts of Toruń.

A typical Polish address will appear as such:

Tymona Niesiołowskiego street name
8a street number
/23 apartment/flat number
Toruń, town/city
87-100, post/zip code
Poland country

Our recommended address format:

street name, street number, town/city, post/zip code, country
(apartment door number in comment field)

The typical way street and apartment numbers are represented in Poland is street number/ apartment number e.g. 8a/23.
However this can cause confusion when geocoding the address, hence we propose inputting these in the address field slightly differently.
When inputting the address we therefore advise only using the first half (in this case - “8a”), the apartment number should be put in the comments field as shown in our API documentation.
Using the street number without the flat number should reduce the chance of geocoding errors.

Example of request with the full address:

:x: Tymona Niesiołowskiego, 8a/23, Toruń, 87-100, Poland
:white_check_mark: Tymona Niesiołowskiego, 8a, Toruń, 87-100, Poland

Should you have any questions please comment them down below!