Planned Maintenance & Service Degradation

We are committed to ensuring a consistent and reliable service experience. Therefore, we believe it’s critical that you know how to stay informed about any potential service interruptions or degradations, should they occur.

Planned Maintenance

As part of our commitment to providing top-notch service, we may occasionally need to schedule essential updates, migrations, or maintenance tasks that could result in temporary downtime on our platform. Please be assured that we consistently plan these activities outside of standard operating hours to minimize potential disruption.

:heavy_check_mark: Subscribe to our Community forum Announcements to be aware of any planned maintenance which may affect you.

Service Degradation

In the event of unexpected service degradation, you can receive notifications to inform you of the following:

  1. An initial notification that we may be experiencing service degradation
  2. Regular updates every 20 minutes should the issue persist
  3. A conclusive update once the incident has been effectively resolved

:heavy_check_mark: If you are unsure that you are on the mailing list to receive proactive incident notifications, please contact your Account Manager or our Support team through the Dashboard chat.

Following an incidence of service degradation, you can receive a Postmortem report within 5 working days detailing the following:

  • The start and end times of the incident
  • The severity of the incident
    • Service degradation - referring to a decline in the quality or performance of a service
    • Major incident - referring to a significant disruption of service
  • A summary of the incident alongside analysis including: Cause, Impact, Detection, Response, Recovery, and Recurrence

:heavy_check_mark: If you are unsure that you are on the mailing list to receive Postmortem reports, please contact your Account Manager.