Phone formatting

Hello, it’s possible to specify the phone extension number in the current API?

If so, how one should go around communicating it to the rider?

Thanks in advance

Hello @hosuna

Thank you for your message!

For now, the and the fields are lists that only allow numerical characters using the phony 39 library following the E.164 15 recommendation. You can check here how to format phone numbers.

However, you can add the normal phone there (because it is a mandatory field for approximative addresses) and also the phone with the extension in the job.pickups.comment or job.dropoffs.comment strings as they are visible to the courier.

Don’t hesitate checking the screens of the Courier Mobile App here too.



If i understand correctly we have to send the phone both in the and in the job.dropoffs.comment ? If I send it only in, the courier can’t call the customer ? What do you recommend ?


Hi @Thibaut,

To confirm you have to supply a contact number in both the & fields. These two field will be displayed on the courier app but mask the end-customer’s number for security reasons and the courier can call the end-customer from the courier app using these two fields only.

The job.dropoffs.comment should be used for additional dropoff instructions for the courier & not to display the customer’s number.