No drivers available in eta

Since we use V2 of the api we get a lot of errors with the message ‘No drivers available’ when we try to get the estimated time of the delivery (never happened in V1 when getting the job quote). We would like to know if when we create a job, if your api checks if there are drivers available like in the eta or if it directly accepts the job and the delivery is queued. We are asking you directly because we don’t know a way of replicating this error in the sandbox.
Thank you,
Jordi Pino

Hey Jordi,

The ETA endpoint might return the following error indeed:

  "message": "No drivers available"

It means there are no drivers in the close area of the pickup location at the time the request is sent, but it must not prevent you from creating the Job.

When you create a Job, our platform doesn’t check for available drivers around and creates the deliveries in database. The platform then start inviting drivers and follows the standard delivery lifecycle.

I hope this answers your question,

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What happened if you guys didnot find the driver in 10 minutes ? . Basically my main question is that how much time you guys are searching for the job before you cancel it.

Hello @sand,

Here is how the expiration works: How does expiration work? What does the status `expired` mean?
We can modify the expiration interval of your account if you need to.